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The Sammon Script 'S'

A weathered letter S made of wood, mounted on a exterior wall

An Old Family Icon

For as long as I could remember, a wooden letter S hung above my grandfather's garage. He had carefully cut it by hand on a scroll saw; even after he died it remained as a symbol of the engineering tradition of my family.

When the house was finally sold, the S was taken down. The rotted and weathered wood almost immediately crumbled to dust. I thought the icon was lost to history, until my dad discovered the original hand drawings in my grandfather's workshop.

A yellowed sketch of a script letter S
A 3D model of a letter S
A freshly-painted wooden letter S mounted on an interior wall

My Own Take

To replicate my grandfather's hand-cut design, I turned to more modern technology: Laser cutting.

The original hand drawing was scanned and imported to Siemens NX. From there, I traced the outlines with splines, taking care to widen thin sections for better strength. From there it was cut, painted, and sent home to my father; it remains on the wall at home to this day.

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